About our residential fencing solutions

Do you love your fence, or have you been cursing it (or lack thereof?!). Boundary Fencing can install the fence your home deserves.

Whether you need a chain link fence to surround your pool, a dog kennel or define your entire perimeter…we’ve got the products you want! Perhaps you are simply tired of spending so much of your time conducting maintenance on your traditional wood fence or maybe it is time for an upgrade?

Inquire today about our vinyl, residential chain link, custom backyard split rails, and more. We have 6 types of fencing for residential properties.

We look forward to delivering fencing solutions beyond your expectations. Book your quote with us today!

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Chain Link

Your home has many places suitable for chain link fencing solutions. Get back to nature with a fence that invites the forest to peek through. Update your pool perimeter and safety quota with a chain link pool surround. Maintain a visual and eliminate guests or passerby from entering without your permission.  

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Desire a different look than chain link but still want to maintain safety and security. Ornamental fencing may be the perfect fit for your property. Define a kids’ play area, a garden, a front entryway, your backyard pond or your driveway with our Ameristar. Excellent for shared properties and communal locations, ornamental fencing can add value and visual interest.

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Gates offer as much or as little access as you prefer. Your gate can be as rustic and quaint or as industrial and impenetrable as you like! Our friendly team is happy to discuss the various options to suit your specific application.

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing provides the ultimate low maintenance option. Simply spray down with a hose if it gets dusty or muddy or wipe with a damp cloth. You will love having this easy, private solution that requires zero pressure washing, sanding or re-staining and no more rotting wood posts.

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Cedar Split Rail

You love to view nature and want to integrate a rustic fence to enhance your perimeter. Custom backyard split rails offer the durability, low maintenance charm that is perfect for many fencing applications. Creating a park-like setting in your yard has never been easier!

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Gate Operators

The automation of gate operators removes the annoyance of locking and unlocking gates. They are perfect for homes with long driveways or locations like residential complexes. Gate operators provide a simple layer of security for enclosures.

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Dog Kennels

If you are tired of picking up you-know-what from every corner of your yard, you are not alone! Custom dog kennels keep Rover protected while you are away and provide room to exercise and seek shelter. Add value to your residential property by designating space and reclaiming your yard efficiently and stylishly with a little help from the Okanagan’s fencing professionals.

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